Start of 2015 Update

Posted: January 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’m kicking off 2015 with a new novel and lots of audiobooks which became available in the past few months!


Return Cover MaybeThe biggest news is that C. Dennis Moore and I kicked off the year with the release of our shared world novel RETURN TO ANGEL HILL. My psychic detective Will Castleton (DEATH SIGHT, THE CASTLETON FILES) investigates Dennis’s haunted town of Angel Hill (THE THIRD FLOOR, THE GHOSTS OF MERTLAND)! It’s a big, fast-paced occult mix of action, darkest fantasy, mystery, psychological suspense and noir.

Here’s the official blurb for the book: Paranormal investigator Will Castleton”s psychic friend Mazie calls on Will to accompany her when she’s forced to return to her horror-infested hometown of Angel Hill, Missouri – a town she fled decades before, having been psychologically shattered by a harrowing vision in the woods. A death in the family pulls Mazie back to Angel Hill, but soon after stepping foot on her native soil, she and Will are caught up by spectral forces that twist a ghastly crime from the town’s past into an all-too terrifying present. From David Bain’s ghost-ridden town of Green River, Michigan (GRAY LAKE, UNTIL YOU CAN SCREAM NO MORE) to C. Dennis Moore’s spectral city in darkest Missouri (THE FLIP, THE MAN IN THE WINDOW), from the deepest, shadowed corners of our earth to the infernal realms of the beyond and back again, RETURN TO ANGEL HILL is a supernatural crime-suspense thrill ride you won’t be able to put down!


A lot of my work came out on Audio in the second half of 2014, and there’s still a lot more coming. I’m working with three top-notch readers, Quintin W. Allen, James Foster, and two-time Emmy-winner Daniel Penz.

James is the voice of the Will Castleton series, having narrated DEATH SIGHT and THE CASTLETON FILES in 2014. He’d signed on to bring out RETURN TO ANGEL HILL, the novella THE HOUSE IN CYRUS HOLLER and the stand alone story PHOENIX BLOOD in 2015.

Daniel is voicing my RIDERS OF THE WEIRD WEST series and some shorter books on writing I’m working on. So far he’s produced THE COWBOYS OF CTHULHU and my TEN SHORT ESSAYS ON WRITING with plans to narrate RIDERS WHERE THERE ARE NO ROADS and a book on how to beat writer’s block which I have planned for later in the year. He’s also signed on to bring a number of my short stories to life.

Quintin is the voice behind WEED, a crime novella I wrote with Daryl Burns. The Big Q is currently working on BAND OF GYPSIES, a horror novel I cowrote with C. Dennis Moore, as well as my URBAN NIGHTMARES collection. Daryl and I have long been planning follow-ups to WEED, and we hope to bring you METH and ARSON in 2015, with Quintin doing the audio versions.


One of my biggest thrills in life is interacting with my readers (and listeners) and my FRIENDS OF BAIN newsletter is going great guns! This year you’ll get the Will Castleton novella BEWITCHING THE WEIRD SISTERS free just for signing up – it’ll be a member-exclusive story until Christmas, when the newsletter receives a new one, exclusive for the next year. The story connects Will with Vance Lee Gentry, a character from my story SNAKES AND SPELLS VS. THE SILVER BULLET and the wicked jailbird witch Sadie from my tale BRUJAS BEHIND BARS. These latter two stories are part of a series of interconnected urban fantasy tales I may or may not add to in 2015, the potential series being called THE MODERN MAGE WARS.

But I was talking about the newsletter, right? Your twice-a-month email also offers news and free serialized fiction, usually side-stories involving characters from longer works, though this year my most devoted readers were treated to HIS TEACHER’S VOICE, a stand-alone story, serialized for free, weeks before it was published on Amazon. You can sign up here for THE FRIENDS OF BAIN – there’s also an option to only receive notifications when I have a new book or story out.

Phew! 2015 is looking fun but busy for me. I’d better get writing! Hope to see you along for the ride!

  1. Hi, David, I’m an illustrator (I’ve done a lot of work for Eric S. Brown among others) and I’ve seen the ‘swords and zombies’ book you edited. You may not be involved with it anymore but I just wanted to say that I’d love to do a new cover for it if you ever decide to re-release it. It seems a shame it didn’t seem to reach the audience it could have. Anyway, here’s a link to my work. Thanks for your time.


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