New Stuff! Audiobooks, A New Series & A New Will Castleton Story!

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

underwater scene with bubbles and sunraysI’m excited about Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited program – for just $9.99/month you get unlimited access to more than 600,000 ebooks and audiobooks – including ALL of mine! (All of my stuff is also available for borrowing via Amazon Prime.)

Speaking of audiobooks, I’ve been reWeed Audio w. Bainally busy these past few weeks, with the release of two audiobooks and a new novel which kicks off a weird western series!


James Foster gives an inspired reading of DEATH SIGHT, the first novel in my Will Castleton psychic detective series. James is already hard at work at THE CASTLETON FILES,  which collects five stories about Will, and he’s also signed on to read GRAY LAKE, my crime/horror novel, in which Will makes a cameo…

Also just released is the audio version of WEED, a short crime novel I co-wrote with my buddy Daryl Burns, set in the fictional town of Green River, Michigan, where most of my stories take place, be they mystery or horror. Quintin W. Allen, a radio producer in Las Vegas, is the reader for this one – Quintin’s awesome vocals have wound up everywhere from museums to a leprechaun on a TV commercial and everyplace in between, and he brings WEED to rip-roaring noirish life! Quintin’s signed on to voice my TEN SHORT ESSAYS ON WRITING and my brand new RIDERS OF THE WEIRD WEST series.

Riders revised cover RIDERS OF THE WEIRD WEST

Speaking of which, Cowboys Possibleone of my most successful stories for years now has been THE COWBOYS OF CTHULHU, which appeared in the now sadly out-of-print AMAZING HEROES anthology of adventure stories. That little story has done pretty well as a stand-alone ebook, with many readers writing me, begging me to do more with the characters. So I did. The result is RIDERS WHERE THERE ARE NO ROADS, a full-length novel, the first in a series. I’m already a good way into the follow-up, THE ROAD GOES ON FOREVER.

I’m dedicated to the series, and, as proof of this, I’m planning on giving the third novel, SILVER STALLION away to members of my newsletter, THE FRIENDS OF BAIN.

THphoenix blood beforeE FRIENDS OF BAIN

What? You haven’t heard about my newsletter? Well, hey then! Here’s the scoop! Yeah, I have this newsletter where I not only have contests, but also give-aways and all sorts of other bonuses. What sorts of bonuses? Well, for example, if you go to my website, you can jump through an easy hoop or two and win a free copy of the audiobooks above – but members of my newsletter had a chance to grab them free just for being members, no hoops involved! I also give my most devoted readers a chapter of a serialized story every week! These stories eventually find their way to Amazon, but my newsletter friends get to read them first. I also make sure members of the newsletter are the first to know of new releases and receive them at a discount. And, oh yeah, you also get a free, member-exclusive Will Castleton story, PHOENIX BLOOD, just for signing up – and all members will get a new one, which will be exclusive to the newsletter for a year, on Christmas morning. You can sign up via this link!


You can pick up my latest short Will Castleton novel, THE HOUSE IN CYRUS HOLLER, in the star-studded horror anthology PIERCING THE DARKNESS, featuring writers like Joe R. Lansdale, F. Paul Wilson, Jack Ketchum, Kealan Patrick Burke, C. Dennis Moore, Jeff Strand, Gary Braunbeck, Jonathan Maberry, Gord Rollo and still others. It’s an amazing collection, and what’s more, it’s all for charity! The proceeds all go to support The Children’s Literacy Initiative.


In addition to the audiobooks James and Quintin are working on, I’m working on several writing projects this summer.

We should see METH, another short Green River crime novel, also co-authored by Daryl Burns, before fall. I’m hoping Quintin will bring his awesome vocal skills to this one as well. You can read the prologue at this link.

My big project, however, is PURGATORY BLUES: A WILL CASTLETON NOVEL, the direct sequel to DEATH SIGHT. It will also be something of a sequel to GRAY LAKE and WEED, featuring elements of those books as well. You can read the prologue here.

And that’s not all the Will Castleton news! C. Dennis Moore and I have been working on a book called RETURN TO ANGEL HILL, which takes Will to Dennis’ haunted Missouri town, the setting of Dennis’ bestselling horror novels such as THE THIRD FLOOR, THE GHOSTS OF MERTLAND, THE MAN IN THE WINDOW and THE FLIP. This might be the biggest threat Will has faced to date! You can read the prologue here.

While James Foster is starting to narrate books by bestsellers like Bill Crider and Chris Philbrook, I’m already hearing his voice as the voice of Will Castleton, and I’m hoping he stays on for these two novels!



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