New Fiction: “Ghosts on the Way to Gray Lake”

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ghosts Gray Lake cover FINAL I have a new, very short story up on Amazon, “Ghosts on the Way to Gray Lake.” It’s only $.99 to begin with, but it’ll be totally free 8-30 through 9-3. The story adds a little to the mythology of my dark little town of Green River, Michigan, where many of my stories are set, with specific focus on the environs of my book Gray Lake: A Novel of Crime and Supernatural Horror.

The blurb for this story: Gray Lake is full of ghosts. Johnny and Dennison know all the stories. Eerie stories about drowned girls, lost specters, murderers and more. But tonight, as they drive toward the lake through the worst fog of the year, the tales start creeping in on them like the mist itself.

A little more background on the tale: This is story was written on J. A. Konrath’s “8-Hour Book Challenge“. Joe’s challenge was to write something with substance, format the book, create a cover, and publish it within eight hours.

This spooky little story had been knocking around in my head for ages. I’d always known it would be very short – but hopefully effectively chilling – so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to finally get it done. It serves as a nice introduction to the larger milieu of Green River and its various ghosts – and while this story doesn’t focus on them, you’ll also find a good amount of small-time criminals there as well.

I hope the story’s good for a short little shiver – you can find lots more in my novels and story collections!


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