Posted: August 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Thank you all for an absolutely fantastic free run of my novel GRAY LAKE!

GRAY LAKE was free for five days on Amazon this past week and we gave away more than 10,000 copies!  (The final tallies were 9829 in the U.S., 123 in the U.K., 46 in Germany, and dozens more in other countries worldwide.) It spent most of its time in the top free 100 Amazon chart, peaking in the high 20s!

(If you didn’t pick it up during the free run, GRAY LAKE is only $2.99 (or its international equivalent – ten or more hours of entertainment for less than the price of a Big Mac meal…))

We also saw great success with THE CASTLETON FILES, the only short story collection (so far) from my Will Castleton psychic detective series  – the collection is only $1.99 or its international equivalent right now! The story is continued in DEATH SIGHT, the first Will Castleton novel! We should, before the end of 2013, see two more Will Castleton novels – RETURN TO ANGEL HILL (co-written by C. Dennis Moore) and PURGATORY BLUES, a direct sequel to GRAY LAKE, DEATH SIGHT and Daryl Burns’ short Green River novel WEED.


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