Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 10 – “Buried” – DARKNESS!!!

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Five out of five stars.

This is one of the darkest Breaking Bad episodes yet.

And that’s saying something.

There is no joy in Albuquerque.

And there’s not much light either, figuratively or cinematically. Most of last night’s episode took place in shadows or confined quarters – the diner at sunset, the White home at curtains-drawn-baby-nap-time, the interrogation room at single lightbulb, the playground at single streetlight, the underground lab at underground filthiness time, the freaking bathroom from episode two fer Chrissakes!, etc.

A nice touch, illustrating the darkness torque-ing in on…




And a lot of it took place without words.

Does Jesse say a single word in this episode?

Does Skyler ever really confess to anything? I mean verbally? Her body language gives everything away, yes, but she sure as hell shuts the F up to protect her family

– and, in a wonderful example of what we all do when the pressure’s on, she’s suddenly all about Walt again!

Marie, Marie, Marie. I’m worried you’re unraveling every bit as much as Hank. Kidnapping a baby? Really?

Hank, Hank, Hank. No lawyer for Skyler? Really? I’m worried you’re unraveling every bit as much as Jesse, despite your imminent interrogation room showdown with him, in which you seem to have all the advantages…

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. I’m worried you’re going to be our first ever “I’m not quite buying this” Breaking Bad character. Sorry. Honestly. Yes, we’ve seen you despondent and silent before, but never to the point of, well, stupidity of this level. Still, the show has a way of subverting smug characters like Hank as they walk, way too confident, into situations they don’t completely grok.

Junior, Junior, Junior – where the f**** were you? Why weren’t you home? What’s your problem, wayward palsied youth?

Here’s a way-out prediction: My prediction of Walt’s downfall was utterly wrong. Walt wins. The money in the desert isn’t found. After hiding out w/ Skyler and Junior  and baby in New Hampshire for a year or whatever he kicks Hank’s, Lydia’s or whoever’s butt … and walks away, coughing up blood, with the “Buried” – what a great ep title, given the context – money in tow.

Could be. (Prolly not.)

Wait. Let’s looook at that ep title. I so love and hate that TV is becoming downright literary. I guess Shakespeare would be writing for TV these days – theater is the fringe niche now – but still. We have the buried money, the buried meth lab, and everyone being buried by the moral, legal and situational trenches into which they’ve dug themselves. Even Saul, of all people, seems squeamish, without solid solutions, no way to talk his way out of this!

And how did I not even mention Lydia’s massively in-denial reaction to her take-down of a major bad-ass side-arm of her methlab crime op yet?

Screw you, Breaking Bad, you are simply too good!

You know what? Enough said. I’ll shut up now. I was going to give this four out of five stars – I didn’t feel the same ecstatic, buzzy thrill I get, in the immediate sense, from most eps of Breaking Bad directly after watching. But thank God for writing and analysis.

Long live … Walt? Hank? Skyler?

Well, no. I’m not cheering anyone in this show anymore.

And that’s somehow a positive thing.

Long live the writers, directors, cinematographers of Breaking Bad.

From this point, where sanity no longer has a particular reference point, let the characters implode or succeed as they may!

I’m along for the ride, whatever happens…


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