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Daryl Burns’ WEED

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

weed book cover NOVEL 2Daryl is a teaching colleague of mine. He’s also a former newspaper bureau chief, working the courts and crime beats, mostly. He ghosts technical books and runs one of the finest microbreweries in north central Indiana.

Watch for his follow-up short novels, METH and ARSON, coming soon!

I have to say that I’m proud to have Daryl working in my world – after reading my crime/horror novel GRAY LAKE, Daryl told me how he has “secretly” written fiction most of his life and was seeking a forum in which to fictionalize some of the stories he’d covered during his time as a newspaperman.

Thus our collaboration was born – we haven’t collaborated on a particular piece of writing yet, but Daryl is making Green River a bigger place. For example, you’ll see Mickle, a fun character he created here in WEED, play a fairly major role in my forthcoming Will Castleton novel GREEN RIVER BLUES.

WEED is a fun, noirish novel – hope you enjoy reading it!