Which actors do you see playing characters from my books?

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Uncategorized


Which actor(s) do you see playing character(s) from my books and stories?

Most authors don’t describe their lead characters’ looks in exceedingly great detail. They give the reader just enough, then let them fill in the rest. This actually helps readers “bond” with the character – they make the character their own. I know I do this as a reader, but, as a writer, it’s begs the question: What do my characters look like when others imagine them?

Well, last night I got to find out: “Paranormal Pam” from Texas tweets that she thinks Rebekah Kennedy, star of the horror movie HOUSE HUNTING and others, would be perfect to play Maya in a movie adaptation of my novel GRAY LAKE:

There aren’t any movie adaptations of my novels out there (yet!), but I thought it’d be fun to offer readers a chance to play casting agent.

Which actor(s), famous or unknown, do you see playing the roles of characters from my books and stories? Post your casting call in the comments! (I’m especially interested to see who people think should play Will Castleton from Death Sight and The Castleton Files.)

  1. davidbainaa says:

    I’ll start. I’ve always thought Samantha from the Will Castleton stories looks a lot like Jaclyn Smith in the photo at the link below. (But you’re free to imagine her any way you want, of course, and I’d love to see your interpretaton of her…. 😉

  2. C. Dennis Moore says:

    That’s going older than I was thinking; I see Joshua Jackson as a Death Sight-era Will.

    Maybe Diane Kruger could even be Candice.

  3. Katie Dyann says:

    Hmm that’s really a tough one. For me, it’s no one. I always visualize made up people when I read books. Only after something has been adapted to TV or film do I ever see actual actors when I’m reading. And then, sometimes not.

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