Two Weird Things I’ve Seen Recently

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Two rather bizarre instances in the last couple days:

1) We went to a Flat Top Grill on Saturday night. I went to get the car to pull it up to the curb. My wife and daughter waited inside. I went back in to get them. It’s pretty late, not many patrons, couples at three or four tables. Guy at a table very close to us – he and the female get up. They’d seemed like normal types, both a little chubby, kicked back to the point of almost lounging. As he leaves, he picks up his glass of water, holds his hand out straight, pours his water all over the table and laughs and leaves. We hadn’t noticed any particular altercations with the staff or anything like that. He just acted as if he’d suddenly had this hilarious idea. Very strange and sorta unsettling.

2) I turn a corner at Wal-Mart, and in an otherwise empty aisle this scraggly, tweaker-looking chick who doesn’t see me finishes emptying one of those spray bottles of whipped cream into her mouth and chucks the empty under the shelving. Then she gets back behind her cart and, seeing me, goes wide-eyed and tries to act like she doesn’t have puffy chipmunk cheeks. I about L’edMAO!

  1. 1. Working in the food service industry, I feel I can say from experience that guy’s a jackass.
    2. Maybe she was hungry… at least I hope so. Maybe she was trying to do whip-its. >.>;

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