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Two rather bizarre instances in the last couple days:

1) We went to a Flat Top Grill on Saturday night. I went to get the car to pull it up to the curb. My wife and daughter waited inside. I went back in to get them. It’s pretty late, not many patrons, couples at three or four tables. Guy at a table very close to us – he and the female get up. They’d seemed like normal types, both a little chubby, kicked back to the point of almost lounging. As he leaves, he picks up his glass of water, holds his hand out straight, pours his water all over the table and laughs and leaves. We hadn’t noticed any particular altercations with the staff or anything like that. He just acted as if he’d suddenly had this hilarious idea. Very strange and sorta unsettling.

2) I turn a corner at Wal-Mart, and in an otherwise empty aisle this scraggly, tweaker-looking chick who doesn’t see me finishes emptying one of those spray bottles of whipped cream into her mouth and chucks the empty under the shelving. Then she gets back behind her cart and, seeing me, goes wide-eyed and tries to act like she doesn’t have puffy chipmunk cheeks. I about L’edMAO!



Hey everyone! Check out my buddy C. Dennis Moore’s new haunted house novel THE THIRD FLOOR!

Hell House. The Amityville Horror. The Haunting of Hill House.

Horror author C. Dennis Moore invites you to the newest haunted house on the block, a place so mean, even in a town where strange is the norm, the stories surrounding this house are legend. The problem is they’re all true.


Welcome to Angel Hill, Missouri, a town that shot blood from the ground at its own groundbreaking. There are only two roads in or out of Angel Hill, and everything within those borders is subject to the whims of reality. Those who grew up here are immune to the town’s peculiarities. But Jack and Liz have just moved here, and for their young son, Joey, it’s almost like coming home again.

As the Kitches settle into their new home, a large abandoned house in need of a lot of TLC, Angel Hill welcomes them the only way it knows how. Footsteps in the middle of the night. Voices on the phone. Their big empty house wasn’t so empty after all. There’s a presence, and it’s growing stronger. And angrier.


A hulking figure stalks the halls while childlike voices whisper in mourning. And there’s something unexplainable happening to Joey. His hair is shorter now, and his eyes . . . they didn’t used to be that color, did they? And that birthmark on his neck looks more like a scar every day. Jack doesn’t want to believe his own eyes, but for Liz the threat is all too real, and it’s closing in.

From the invisible shapes under the sheets, the eyes she feels on her constantly, and the banging coming from the third floor . . . is that something trying to get in? Or something wanting out? Welcome to Angel Hill.

C. Dennis Moore is the author of REVELATIONS and “The Man in the Window” as well as over 60 published stories in the speculative fiction genres. THE THIRD FLOOR is based in part on his real experiences in the house on which this novel is based. His horror fiction has appeared most recently in VILE THINGS, WHAT FEARS BECOME, DARK HIGHWAYS, DARK HIGHLANDS 2 and DEAD BAIT 3. In the review of his first short story collection, TERRIBLE THRILLS, CEMETERY DANCE MAGAZINE called him “an author worth keeping an eye on.”