Two by Brad Kane

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

girl cover   Baby

Well, hey, and here I thought I was supposed to spend this week pimping my own new novel, DEATH SIGHT. (See what I did there?)

But, wearing my publisher hat, I’m also pushing two works by newcomer Brad Kane, an MFA candidate in a creative writing program at a college in the Midwestern U.S. of A.

I’ve read bizarro anthologies. I’ve read surrealism. But I haven’t read anything quite like the two stories he sent me. They’re an incredibly fun and strange melange of genre awareness, blase hipness and postmodern redneck rage. Not only are the stories aware of their own flaws – they seem to revel in them. I don’t think anyone over thirty could have written these two stories.

Anyhew, Brad claims to shun every web presence except the one I gave him here. What do I know? I’m just the first person to have ever published him. I have, in fact, unleashed Brad Kane upon this earth with not one but two titles. They are:

THE GIRL WITH THE HONEY HAIR – This novella is a science fictiony Kerouacian foray involving a once great poet who’s sold out. Said poet follows a garbage truck through the desert outside Las Vegas, somehow winding up in an alternate America where the Grand Canyon is filled with discarded manuscripts, the Rockies are made of defunct albums and cassettes, and the Mississippi is miles wide. The poet traverses this landscape in search of a brother who went missing when he was a child. (What does all this have to do with a girl with honey hair? Read and find out!)

BABY, YOU’RE MY GREAT BIG CAR CRASH! – This short story starts weird and just gets weirder. If Vernor Vinge wrote splatterpunk while listening to your local country music station, if Kafka wrote The Beans of Egypt, Maine with the replicants from Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner as his model for the, errr, protags, this might be the result. I’ll say no more.

At the author’s request, these tales are both Amazon KDP Select exclusives, for the time being.


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