DEATH SIGHT: Official release date! (And Wattpad Serialization Announcement!)

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

At long last, DEATH SIGHT, the first Will Castleton novel, has an official release date. The book is in the last stages of professional formatting and should be available in print and for Kindle, Kobo, Nook and other ereaders by Tuesday, December 4.


If you want to start reading it now, the novel will be serialized on my Wattpad account, starting today. Here’s a direct link to the novel.  I’ll post a new chapter each day this holiday weekend. Then I’ll continue to release a chapter or two per week on Wattpad, even after the book’s published – if you have enough patience, you’ll eventually be able to read the whole thing there for free!

So what’s the book about? Here’s the blurb:

Hospitalized after drowning during a rescue attempt, newly graduated U.S. Marshal Will Castleton is besieged by visions of a hulking executioner torturing a bound man. A perilous race against time leaves Will broken, unsure if he even wants to join the marshals. Escaping to his Michigan hometown, Will finds his father dying, a young woman’s ghost desperate to communicate with him, and a biker kingpin out to make a statement by taking out local law enforcement’s golden boy.

DEATH SIGHT is the first novel in the Will Castleton series, mixing crime and the supernatural. Will’s adventures will continue in 2013 with Green River Blues, which is already in the early writing stages.

For a glimpse of Will’s future, check out THE CASTLETON FILES, featuring five adventures from diverse points throughout Will’s career.

The novel is dedicated to everyone who read and enjoyed “Island Ghosts” (still free on Wattpad and wherever ebooks are sold) before any of Will’s other adventures were widely available and encouraged me to keep going…


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