Ebooks, Also Available In Print…

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

It fascinates me that, even a few years ago, the words “ebooks” and “print” would have been reversed in that title. Way back in, say, 2006, ebooks were seen as a fad, the poor man’s way to publish, the bastard stepchild of real books. Now, as my friend Bill Gathen put it so succinctly: “We buy the ebook first, and if we really like it, we’ll buy the print edition as a ‘souvenir copy.'”

A big shipment of “the souvenir edition” of my books arrived today. If you love the look, feel and smell of a good print book as much as I do, they’re pretty darn nifty!

They’re all available, of course, via DavidBainBooks.com.

(I’ll eventually replace these pictures with more professional-looking ones. These were taken with my cell phone – amazing how we’re so reliant on our phones these days; I realized, as I set out to take the pics for this blog, I don’t even know where my camera is!)

Front covers (I)

Back covers (I)

On the shelf, next to some favorites, for perspective…

Front covers (II)

Back covers (II)

All the books

  1. Looks great, Dave! I’m beginning to see print books the same way, especially when it comes to classic fiction in the public domain. I download the free copies for my Kindle and seek out nice hardbound editions of the ones I love, like an HG Wells collection I just picked up.


    • davidbainaa says:

      It’s been rare for me to buy the print book afterward. But there might be a few ebooks I’ve read that I have to get around. Blake Crouch’s RUN comes to mind. And I’d have bought C. Dennis Moore’s REVELATIONS if he hadn’t sent me a complimentary copy (tho’ I bought and read the ebook version). And this new guy named Rose…

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