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by David Bain

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Who is Will Castleton? We’ll get to that guy in a second. First let me introduce my own self. Hi there. I’m Dave Bain, a writer with day jobs as a college writing instructor and an advocate for the disabled. I live in Indiana with three dogs, four cats, two chinchillas and many familial humans. I’m also the author of GRAY LAKE: A NOVEL OF CRIME AND SUPERNATURAL HORROR, many short story collections and the Will Castleton series.

Will Castleton, on the other hand, is a psychic detective. He first came to life in a short story called ISLAND GHOSTS (you can get it for free most anywhere ebooks are sold) that I wrote more than a decade ago. I’ve written elsewhere about how I hadn’t expected to pen more than that one story about him – but now I expect to be writing about him for the rest of my life.

One important thing: Due to the way he snuck up on me, the existing Will Castleton stories and novels are all over the place in terms of chronology. My goal, should I live long enough, is to eventually bring it all together in one clean timetable. Readers seem to be supportive and forgiving thus far, for which I’m eternally grateful. Here’s an essay in which I address the chronology thing in  more detail.

So then, here’s Will’s current dossier. (I’ll update this from time to time.)

Having nearly drowned trying to save a friend’s life, rookie U.S. Marshal Will Castleton woke with the “gift” of being what he terms “slightly” psychic. One of his first adventures upon waking connects Will with The Executioner, a hulking, serial killer whom he’ll be encountering in several future books. (This story is told in DEATH SIGHT.)

Will’s glimpses into the beyond guide his keen eye and his steely determination as his action-infused investigations transform him from a Green River County Deputy digging into small town nefariousness to a U.S. Marshal hunting down criminals nationwide. (You can see a wide swath of his adventures over a large portion of his life in THE CASTLETON FILES.)

His connection with the paranormal also complicates Will’s personal life as he reluctantly learns to accept the supernatural and his relationship to it.

Eventually, Will makes the switch to private investigator, specializing in cases with an eerie bent.

Along the way Will takes on criminals and preternatural creatures big and small, everything from bikers, mob men and serial killers, to ghosts, demons and the vampiric “Nighteyes”.


underwater scene with bubbles and sunrays FILES PLAY NEW HOMEWARD

DEATH SIGHT, the first Will Castleton novel, his origin story. It tells the story of the accident that results in Will’s psychic abilities during a Florida vacations, his ghostly trials adjusting to his new “talent” back in his hometown of Green River, Michigan, his first encounters with The Executioner, and his explosive first foray into life as an active U.S. Marshal.

THE CASTLETON FILES collects four previously published Will Castleton stories from various points throughout his career as a U.S. Marshal and investigator of the supernatural. It also includes…

HOMEWARD DEVILS is a short Will Castleton novel only available in THE CASTLETON FILES. Will and his girlfriend Samantha are visiting Will’s hometown of Green River, Michigan. But going home can bring you face to face with the ghosts of the past – as well as old enemies of a more physical nature. And then Will has a vision that someone will die before the night is over… It’s not just angels who look homeward…


Syrus Cover w. Name

THE HOUSE IN CYRUS HOLLER is a short Will Castleton novel which will appear in PIERCING THE DARKNESS, a charity anthology from Necro Press, due in January 2014, if all goes well. This story takes place after everything in THE CASTLETON FILES and includes a haunted house, monsters, interdimensional travel, action galore and … lots of references for old time radio fans like your author (though you’ll be able to enjoy the story just fine without any knowledge of OTR). The book will also feature tons of other popular authors like  Joe R. Lansdale, Brian Keene, Jack Ketchum, F. Paul Wilson, Edward Lee, Kealan Patrick Burke and many others.


GRB betterPossible Return to Angel Hill 3

Because I’m insane, I am, at the moment, simultaneously working on not one, but two Will Castleton novels.

PURGATORY BLUES is the direct chronological follow-up to DEATH SIGHT. It’s also a prequel of sorts to my novel GRAY LAKE and Daryl Burns’ short crime novel WEED, which is set in my fictional universe of Green River, Michigan. In PURGATORY BLUES, Will, now a Green River deputy, must face ghosts past and present as the murders of several teenage girls rock his hometown. Will’s visions indicate he might have a psychic link with the Green River killer. His investigation is interrupted, however, when a Chicago gang hired by Green River bikers kidnaps him. Enlisting supernatural aid in order to escape, the thrilling conclusion leads Will (and the reader) down the ghost road between rural Michigan and the mean streets of the Windy City and back again. Read the prologue!

RETURN TO ANGEL HILL – Will Castleton investigates the haunted world crafted by Amazon horror bestselling author C. Dennis Moore in his novels THE THIRD FLOOR, THE MAN IN THE WINDOW and numerous other stories. Will’s psychic friend Mazie, whom readers will remember from DEATH SIGHT and THE CASTLETON FILES, calls on Will to accompany her when she’s forced to return to her ghost-infested hometown of Angel Hill, Missouri – a town she fled decades before, having nearly been psychologically shattered by a harrowing vision in the woods. A death in the family pulls Mazie back to Angel Hill, but soon after stepping foot on her native soil, she and Will are caught up by spectral forces that twist a ghastly crime from the town’s past into an all-too terrifying present. Read the prologue!


Menger 2 Running New CoverOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Again, because I’m insane, I’ve created outlines and covers for Will Castleton novels that have yet to be written. I’m hoping to get to them in 2014 and 2015.

MENGER – This novel will take place during Will’s time as a U.S. Marshal and features the return of the antihero/antagonist (anti-tagonist?) from GRAY LAKE, Mike Menger.

RUNNING – This novel details a much alluded-to incident in Florida which reveals Will as a psychic to the media and causes him to switch from U.S. Marshal to private investigator.

CHOOSE – Thanks to a psychic link with the serial killer, Will must choose each victim until he can catch the stalker. This might end up cowritten by Wayne Allen Sallee, possibly featuring heroes and serial killers from his version of Chicago, including The American Dream and Every Mother’s Son from novels like THE HOLY TERROR and stories from collections like WITH WOUNDS STILL WET.



All the stories in THE CASTLETON FILES except the short novel HOMEWARD DEVILS are available as stand-alone Kindle shorts

Island Ghosts (Free!)

The Bridge




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