A Comprehensive Guide to My Fictional Town of Green River, Michigan

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

by David Bain

NOTE: You may freely copy and repost or reprint this article as long as all links, the above byline, this note, and all following text remains unchanged.

A large percentage of my stories and novels take place in the fictional town of Green River, Michigan. (The mayor, Michael C. Norton, would call it “a small city.”) The town is an amalgam of places I’ve lived. It’s nostalgic, quaint, dark and deadly. It’s home to every strata of society – look into the stories below and you’ll find the town’s filled with working class folk … but also men and women who’ve grown rich and powerful beyond their wildest dreams: people who will do anything to protect the success they’ve either earned … or fallen into. You’ll encounter socialites, street punks … and specters. We’ll look at the town’s teens, its troubles, it secrets, its terrors. We’ll look at prominent citizens and forgotten souls. We’ll look at the bright veneer and the dark underbelly. You’ll find love – and seething hatred. You’ll find fun, angst, action and tears. You’ll find the town has a history … and that a lot has been left out of its history books. But mostly it’s my hope that, like me, you’ll find the town has a reality all its own. Welcome to Green River…

My colleague, Daryl Burns, a fellow community college instructor and former police reporter is now hard at work, writing short crime novels set in Green River. The first, Weed, is already available, to be followed shortly by Meth. (Hmm, do we see a pattern in the titles?)

Links are provided for stories that are also available as individual ebooks and print chapbooks.

(Note: This blog entry will be updated as more works featuring Green River are created.)


Gray Lake: A Novel of Crime and Supernatural Horror

The Care and Feeding of Michael Anthony Zee (Coming Soon)

Death Sight (Will Castleton)

Purgatory Blues (Will Castleton) (Coming Soon)

Homeward Devils (Will Castleton) (Available in The Castleton Files)

Short Stories

Story titles with an asterisk (*) are also available as separate stand-alone ebooks and/or chapbooks. The stories are shown in the order in which they appear in my various collections.

Dark Higways: Five Road Trips into Terror

  • Companion

Darker Corridors (Coming Soon)

Night Writing

  • All Over Your Face
  • A Deeper Level
  • Fifteen Minutes
  • A Pleasure to Burn
  • That Enveloping Darkness
  • The Night Darwin Corso Left Green River
  • The Night We Killed Howie’s Uncle
  • Those Who Can, Help
  • Shadows and Ice
  • Ghost Vigil

The Road to Gray Lake

  • Stuckey Makes a Sale

Shadows, Whispers, Shivers

Short Green River Crime Novels by Daryl Burns

  • Weed
  • Meth (Coming Soon)
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